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Ventures trips with the
Museum of Northern Arizona
West Fork, Oak Creek Canyon, April 23, 2020
and Slate Mountain, May 2, 2020
are cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak
The Petrified Forest trip is tentatively scheduled 
for October 31, 2020
Now on-line
The Four-Legged Astronomer:
An Essay Celebrating the Night Sky
Stromboli,  Aeolian Islands

Dr. Colbath is currently available for classroom presentations, lectures, tours of the geology near Flagstaff, and teacher training (including the new national science standards).  Please contact us for prices and scheduling information.

Are you a teacher needing extra images for lectures or exam material? The images in our photo galleries are a free download for educational purposes. The Conqueror Bristleworm Press is our publishing arm (science fiction, with some children's lit in the works), while science and nature themed gifts can be found on the Conqueror Bristleworm on-line store hosted by Zazzle.



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