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Dr. Colbath is available for classroom presentations, lectures, tours of the geology near Flagstaff, and teacher training (including the new national science standards).  Please contact us for prices and scheduling information.

Classroom Presentations

Dr. C has participated in the Flagstaff Festival of Science since 2006, both as a lecturer and developing classroom presentations.  Over the years his presentations have included “Animals with skeletons on the outside” targeted at grades K-2, “Volcanoes” for 4th graders, “Earthquakes” for grades 5-7, and  “Tsunami in a box” for high school science students.  He is available on a contract basis for presentations outside the Festival of Science.  Please contact us for information.


Dr. C has extensive experience presenting public lectures.  “Dinosaurs, Plankton and Asteroids, the Science of Studying Mass Extinctions” is coming up next at Lowell Observatory. 

-In his 2012 lecture Dr. C did a living history presentation as GK Gilbert, the famous geologist who first studied Meteor Crater in the 1890’s


Tours are offered through the Museum of Northern Arizona’s Ventures Program.

Favorite locations include Grand Falls, Red Mountain, SP Crater and Petrified Forest National Park. New tours are under development. We can also arrange custom tours through this program.  Please contact us for further information.

-Grand Falls during the August monsoon, 2007

Teacher Training

Teacher training programs in the United States have traditionally focused on pedagogy; techniques aimed at helping students master material.  Recent research has shown, however, that the strongest predictor of student success is their teacher’s mastery of the subject matter, rather than teaching methods.

Dr. C helped develop the earth science component for the award winning Teacher Training Academy at Cerritos Community College in California, and served on the leadership team until his retirement from the faculty in 2005.  He is conversant with the new science standards being developed on a national level, and has decades of experience consulting on curriculum for grade levels pre-K through 14.

-As part of a trial of field-based in-service training visiting teachers got a tour of the National Weather Service office in Bellemont, Arizona

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