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Do you love plausible science fiction thrillers and quick summer reads?  Nereis, Nereis might just be for you! 

A project 10 years in the making, Nereis, Nereis is the first publication of the Conqueror Bristleworm Press. Other projects are in the works, including Antares Genesis, a novel about Mars colonization, and E is for Existentialism, the World's Worst Children's Alphabet Book

We are also currently in negotiations with an eccentric poet named Catalan Ghee to publish his poetry anthology

Songs of Pandemics and Wine

Nereis, Nereis
Marine biology meets genetic engineering. What could possibly go wrong? Follow Dr. Catalina Marsh and her crew from the Monterey Bay Aquarium as they race against time to discover why dead sea otters keep washing up on the beach in this character-driven, hard science fiction journey into the brave new world of epigenetics. A mysterious lab, a missing billionaire, a seedy looking journalist, ominous threats, disturbing discoveries, and, of course, a love triangle of epic proportions -- there's never a dull moment on the Central California coast! If you like stories in which it's hard to tell where the science ends and the fiction begins, this might just be your cup of tea.
How to buy
  • Available on Kindle Select:  Nereis, Nereis
  • Free for Amazon Prime members and subscribers to Kindle Unlimited
“Fast-paced, this great read about marine life, love, and drama in the Pacific will have you on the edge of your seats!”
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